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If you’re looking to get a job done right, you want to find a business you can trust to do the best service for a great price. helps you quickly find companies in your local area who you can be sure will provide you nothing but the BEST.


Searching for a local reliable Tradesperson?

Great stuff – Just enter the Trade you’re looking for into the ‘POST JOB’ section at the top of the home page.

You will be able to post your job, pictures and budgets directly to all of our tradespeople in your area and within minutes you will begin to receive quotes from the relevant services.

Via our Directory Page, you will be able to visit profiles, view pictures and read reviews for the best-accredited Tradespeople in Sussex. 


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On the home page, we have a TOP RATED & NEWLY ACCREDITED section with all the best local Tradespeople waiting to help you.

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Reviews from previous customers are available to help you to select the ideal Service. Once you’ve chosen, you can immediately contact the company and get a job quote directly.


100’s of offers & discounts in your local area are available on the web site & in the Who’s Best magazine

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If you know your company is the best, you take pride in your business and want to stand out from the crowd in the county, joining the Whos Best Community will be the best decision you could make.

As a member of Whos Best you will have a comprehensive company profile with ratings & reviews & accreditations, the option of Countywide magazine advertising and direct access to our Tender Board that allows you to secure as many new jobs as you like.


Tendering process

We receive jobs daily from the Public & Businesses based across Sussex, ranging from a simple light switch replacement to full house builds


As a Who’s Best Member you get the leads for free


When a search has been made and a potential client has decided you’re the best, they will tender a job directly to you using the ‘POST JOB’ button on your profile page.

We will send an email to let you know there is a brand new tender on your dashboard. After looking at the job, reviewing the photos and weighing up the budget it’s up to you to decide if the job suits you and let them know your best quote.

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Rating & Reviews

Once the job is completed and everyone is happy, ratings and reviews are completed to let the next potential clients know Whos Best!



Every job posted by the public is manually screened before it is approved and posted to the site.

Rating & Reviews can only be left by official clients, past or present of our members, we often contact the reviewer to confirm the legitimacy.

All Rating & Reviews undergo technical and manual checks.

Suspicious Rating & Reviews are flagged and investigated.


Become a Who’s Best Accredited Business

ID Checks

We carry out identification checks.

Two forms of photo ID

Proof of address

Accreditations and Qualifications

Not all trades require accreditations by law, However, any accreditations or qualifications you do have, we require them to be checked and verified by us.

If you have them, we require certificates from governing bodies. i.e Trading standards, NICEIC, Gas Safe Register, etc.


All members are continually monitored via their customer’s feedback. We recommend that all new members supply at least Three of their previous customers which we personally telephone to find out about their experience. This aids us to establish the quality of the trades workmanship.

Trading History & company information

We require your trading history.

Company registration number

Trading Address

Trading Status i.e Sole Trader, Ltd.

VAT registration number.


We require your insurances certificates


We require any awards your company has won.