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Sussex HR was founded by Lynda Goncalves to make professional HR consultancy, payroll services and recruitment services available to any size of business in Sussex, London and South East England.

Herself a dedicated HR specialist since 1996, Lynda and her team are determined to bring the benefits of experienced HR consultants to companies seeking cost-effective outsourcing options. Sussex HR was established in 2008 and has been transforming the effectiveness of businesses in the south east ever since.

Your workforce is your most valuable resource. People are more complex than job descriptions. Employing an experienced HR Consultant is the surest way to get the most from your staff.

Sussex HR does far more than offer formulaic advice. The company’s HR Consultants take time to understand you, your business and your people, delivering training, problem management, and a comprehensive HR strategy for your unique circumstances. Most importantly, Sussex HR’s consultancy services are adaptable and cost-effective, building a better business and helping boost your profits.

Lynda Goncalves, MCIPD

Lynda Goncalves is Sussex HR’s Principal Consultant. A member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, she has developed her HR expertise across a wide range of organisations. Working within both the public and private sectors has given Lynda a comprehensive understanding of HR practices and issues. Her clear-headed, sensitive and focused approach has consistently delivered results, even in such challenging areas as trade union negotiations, and helping to deliver strategic and procedural change.

Lynda places clear principles at the heart of her company’s HR consultancy services:

Your staff are your most valuable resource

  • To provide an external HR Consultant who works as your internal business partner
  • To protect businesses and help them move forward
  • To build productive relationships by working alongside managers
  • To offer clear, practical and realistic guidance
  • To be completely flexible, working around the needs of the company, not the HR consultant
  • To be friendly, firm and fair

HR consultancy services tailored precisely to your needs

There are many reasons why it makes sense to use Sussex HR’s consultancy services.

Perhaps you have a stand-alone issue you need support with. Maybe you need someone to give you expert HR advice on an ongoing basis. From protecting your company against legal action to improving its performance and well-being, Sussex HR’s consultancy services can provide all the support and expertise you need.

Whether you are based in Sussex, the south-east or further afield, Sussex HR’s specialist consultants will support you with:


One-off or ongoing HR consultancy support

Your approach to HR is a critical part of your business’s success. But employing a full-time HR manager can be expensive. When you retain Sussex HR’s services you gain a skilled professional partner who works as part of your team.

Our HR consultants work closely with you to meet your company’s objectives. And they will base themselves at your premises if you prefer. As they are independent, they’ll give you objective advice. That can also be reassuring for staff who often trust an independent HR consultant to be more objective than an in-house manager.

If you don’t need longer-term support, Sussex HR’s consultancy services are available to assist with specific stand-alone issues. You have the freedom and flexibility to take on whichever individual services you require. You could have a specific challenge like a redundancy situation or managing a disciplinary hearing. You may need employment law advice or help with recruitment. Whatever support you need, Sussex HR provides professional, affordable HR consultancy services adapted to your business.

We do initial consultation meetings face to face or on the phone depending on what suits you best. We’ll find out more about your issues and discuss how we can help you. Whether you want to build a long term relationship or use us to help resolve a one-off HR issue, call us on 0800 074 1066 or 07905 155707. Alternatively, you can email Sussex HR to find out more.

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Lynda of Sussex HR has become an essential part of our business. She provides the skills which we require to deliver our HR strategy, from which the staff benefit, as well as the company. "Beaming Ltd